Ear cleaning & head relaxation

  • Relieve trouble
  • Maybe I have a disease in my ear.
    Ear cleaning while looking at the monito
    In addition, head massage makes you feel better.

Ear cleaning

Are your ears itchy?

Are you cleaning your ears?

  • Inflammation in the ear

  • Lots of dirt

  • Skin peels off and blood bleeds


  • STEP1
    Ear cleaning
  • STEP2
    head relaxation

Customer's impression

  • I was surprised to see my ears on the monitor.
    My ears have become beautiful.
    The staff's response was also good.
    The massage was refreshing.
  • It was a wonderful experience.
    I could observe where my ears became beautiful.
    I studied my ears.
    My head massage was very good.
    I want to wear a way.

Super head relaxation

Clean your ears while looking at the monitor. Head, face, neck and shoulder massage.
Your ears are clean and your body is refreshing.

  • Course 1

    One person 7,000 yen

    (70 minutes)

  • Course 2

    One person 9,000 yen

    (120 minutes)

Salon information

Grace Spirits
2-chome-12-22 Nishishinsaibashi Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0086
business hours: